Contents: 1x frying pan 28cm in a fashionable food appeal box

Food Appeal Bio Cook Frying Pan – The perfect way to cook and eat healthier, save on extra oil or greasy butter when frying! Experience food appeal!

DURABLE MATERIAL : The frying pan is made of medium strength extruded aluminum with a PFOA-free bio-coating. This will heat the pan evenly and quickly. The pan is rustproof and dishwasher safe.
The robust material of the aluminum pan guarantees a particularly long service life for the frying pan. This means you can enjoy cooking for a long time.

Organic coating: The Food Appeal BioCook frying pan impresses with its unique organic oil coating, which makes it possible to prepare perfect dishes without the addition of oil or butter. It also makes cleaning much easier and saves you a lot of time.

Use: The frying pan is versatile because it is suitable for all types of stoves and is even ovenproof for up to 177°. Whether induction cooker, gas cooker, electric cooker or ceramic cooker and on heating coils. Roast delicious dishes with vegetables, fish or meat anywhere. The long handle stays nice and cool while frying, making it easy to use in the kitchen.

Optimal heat distribution: The ideal heat distribution enables even roasting and you can conjure up perfect dishes. Whether rice pans, pasta pans, for dumplings or perfectly fried meat, fish and vegetables, this frying pan ensures even cooking results.

Free from toxic substances such as PTFE and PFOA. Durable, ceramic non-stick coating ensures better non-stick performance, easy cleaning and long-lasting performance.

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