Shipping and payment terms

1 Methods of payment

For delivery within Bulgaria, we offer the following payment methods

Payment in cash (to the courier upon delivery) – Payment is made upon delivery by courier or at the delivery office.
Pay by debit/credit card online.

How to pay online? – Choose a card payment method, click on the “Continue” button. Submit the order and a new window will open where you can fill in your card details. To complete the transaction correctly, you must provide the credit/debit card code (all 4 digits on the front of the card, no spaces), the expiry details and the last three digits printed on the back of the card with your signature.

The transaction will be confirmed on the email from your customer account. In case the payment did not go through, you will receive an email to retry. uses Paypal (to guarantee the security of transactions). Credit and debit cards issued by VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD are accepted. Transactions are carried out in EUR.

When through VPOS, the payment processing of your card data is done only and solely by the VPOS server, does not handle and process data regarding your credit or debit card.

Cash payment on delivery – Cash on delivery payment by Postal Money Order –

The company has concluded contracts with the courier company GLS for the payment of the service by cash on delivery with postal order on the territory of Croatia.

When paying in cash on delivery, a Postal Money Order (PMP) is used. The customer pays the final price of the order to the courier. The customer receives a document from a courier company, as a licensed postal operator for making postal money transfers within the meaning of the Postal Services Act. The customer must keep a document that instead of a receipt* as proof of the payment made!

*Regulatory grounds on the basis of which a receipt is not required when paying by postal money order: Ordinance No. H-18 /13.12.2006

You will automatically receive an invoice to your email after it has been processed. For problems and questions, you can contact us at

2 Delivery

Delivery will be made via Speedy/DPD or it’s partners depending on final destination

All goods are sent through our fulfillment center “NextLevel Exporess Logistics”

Warehouse and logistics:
Sofia Region,
Economic Zone,
712 “Okolovrasten pat” Str.

NextLevel Exporess Logistics

3. Possibility to check the shipment before delivery

The possibility to check the shipment before payment is a service valid for all products offered and delivered by We give you the right to check that you receive exactly what you ordered to avoid returning a confused order.

The service also includes checking the integrity of the shipment, i.e. you have the opportunity to examine the product for signs of impact, scratches and other visible external damage. If you notice that the product is not in good condition, you can cancel the order. In case your choice of payment is by cash on delivery (cash payment to the courier), you do not have to pay the corresponding amount. If you paid directly online by credit/debit card, we will refund you by bank transfer to the same account from which the payment was made, after the shipment has been returned to us and checked.

4. Delivery charges

Free Shipping is available for orders over 80Euro

For all orders below 80 Uuro a flat rate of 6 Euro is applied.