Overnight Oats

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overnight oats

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a very popular breakfast! It’s easy to prepare in the evening and the next day you can quickly have a healthy breakfast, ideal for at home or on the go. The advantage of this dish is that the variations are endless. Depending on your taste, you can put together your own overnight oats. We have decided on a combination and hope you like it! We used the Roko Grater PowerLine for this recipe.

50 g rolled oats (fine leaf)
10 g ground almonds
1/3 tsp cinnamon
1 pinch of salt
1 small carrot (net weight approx. 20g)
150 grams of oat milk
maple syrup* (optional)

Finely grate the carrot with the Roko PowerLine and mix with the remaining ingredients.
Optionally sweeten with a little maple syrup or another sweetener of your choice.
Place in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning.

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