Frying Pan

The high-quality frying pans from Food Appeal are true all-rounders.
Whether juicy steaks, fish, fried potatoes, vegetable dishes, there are many possible uses. In addition, our frying pans can be used on all common stove types (induction stoves, gas stoves, electric stoves, ceramic stoves) and in the oven up to 177° Celsius.

With our range of pans, the question quickly arises: which frying pan is right for me?
Here is a small overview:
The Elite series – the premium frying pan

In addition to the Marble series, the Elite series is ovenproof up to 260°C without a lid

The Black Marble series – the premium frying pan
The special feature of this series is the original Food Appeal Black Stone coating, which is particularly strong and durable compared to conventional coatings . Due to the pressed aluminum in the aluminum die-casting process, the walls of the pan are thin and yet extremely durable. The induction base ensures optimal heat distribution for perfect cooking of your food. The marble design is also beautiful to look at and a real eye-catcher for your kitchen.

The Edge series – a technological milestone
The Edge frying pan with the Black Crystal coating is a technological milestone for non-stick cookware and ensures that food does not stick, even with a thin layer of oil. This pan is guaranteed to last for a long time, thanks to the robust material made of extruded aluminum.

The BioCook series – frying without additional oil
You can’t fry with less fat! Our BioCook pans impress with a special organic coating and a better non-stick effect thanks to a PFOA-free oil coating, so you don’t need any additional oil when frying.