Are you looking for a small all-rounder for your kitchen? Food Appeal’s high-quality saucepans are just the ticket. Whether you just want to heat up a small amount of soup, glaze vegetables or cook a tasty sauce. The saucepan is suitable for this and can be used on all common stove types and in the oven up to 177° Celsius.

What also makes our pot series so special are the three unique Food Appeal non-stick coatings that have never existed on the market before.

Black Stone coating
The saucepans in our premium series: Black Marble and Elite are equipped with the Food Appeal Black Stone coating. Compared to conventional coatings, this convinces with its special strength and durability.

Black Crystal non
-stick coating The Black Crystal coating of the Edge pots is a technological milestone for non-stick cooking utensils. It ensures that food does not stick, even with a thin layer of oil.

Organic coating
The BioCook cooking pot series impresses with a PFOA-free ceramic oil coating. This is environmentally friendly and ensures an optimal non-stick effect. You can’t cook with less fat!

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