Borner Slicer V3 TrendLine Basic Set

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The convenient vegetable slicer for best results
You only want to cut classic slices for potato gratin, for example, and only have one knife to hand? Then the Borner V3 vegetable slicer Basic Set is just right for you. The set includes everything you need to safely and quickly cut slices in thin or thick: The V3 vegetable slicer, a Safety Insert that serves as a protection for the blades and protects against injuries and the other side serves as a middle height insert for slices. Also, a Slice Insert that you can use in two different thicknesses and a Safety Fooh Holder that you can use to protect your hands from the sharp blades of the vegetable slicer while slicing.

Unlike the V1 model, the V3 has rubber feet for safe use and stability while slicing. This prevents the fruit and vegetable slicer from slipping and makes slicing even more fun! For even more comfortable handling, the V3 vegetable slicer has an ergonomically shaped handle and fits even better in your hand.

If, after a while, you find that you also need other cutting shapes, then you will find the right accessories here. With these, you can expand your basic set with desired functions and products.


V-slicer: 35.5cm x 12.5cm x 5.5cm
Food Holder: 15cm x 11,5cmx 6cm
Slice and Safety Insert: 21.5cm x 9.7cm x 1cm
Technical data:

Slices in 3 different cutting thicknesses
With non-slip rubber feet
BPA-free plastic
Free of softeners and harmful substances
Micro-fine ground stainless steel blades
Components of the Borner V3 TrendLine vegetable slicer set
V3 TrendLine vegetable slicer
Safety Insert
Slice Insert
Safety Food Holder

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