Börner Vital Mandolin Pro Set

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The innovative kitchen slicer that can do everything

The new Vital Mandolin kitchen from Börner is a further development of the V5 PowerLine. With the Slice Insert, you can cut slices in four different thicknesses. From wafer-thin slices for delicious carpaccio made from vegetables to thick slices for delicious casseroles.
The Slice Insert also serves as a Safety Insert in the highest setting and protects your fingers and the blades when stowing the slicer.
The innovative further development that really makes the Börner Vital kitchen slicer really special is the dressing roll, which enables you to cover your salad with dressing at the same time as you cut it, so that the salad and dressing fall into the bowl in one. This not only saves time, but thanks to the new technology of the dressing roller, only as much dressing is applied as is necessary.
The two blade inserts 3.5mm and 7mm enable the cutting of thin julienne strips and cubes, which are created with a simple twisting movement, and thicker strips and cubes on the other.
The absolute highlight in this set are the two new grater inserts that have never been seen before! With the Roko attachment, as with our Roko grater, you can cut beautiful thin julienne strips, which are ideal for salads or vegetable spaghetti.
With the grater insert you have a kitchen grater that is ideal for cheese, potatoes or chocolate and that produces fine grated food. Use all of these functions to make your dishes more varied and exciting.
Also included are two slide boxes to protect all drawers when they are stowed away, as well as the Dockingstation so that the parts of your new kitchen slicer are always at hand.
The safety fruit holder included in this set also protects against the sharp blades when cutting. We recommend that you use this every time you cut.
  • Vital Mandolin: 38 cm x 15 cm
  • Food Holder: 12,5 cm x 15 cm
  • Insert Box: 18 cm x 10.5 cm
  • Inserts: 23 cm x 9.7 cm
  • Dockingstation: 17 cm x 10 cm
Technical Data:
  • Slices in 4 different thicknesses
  • Adding dressing is possible while cutting
  • Cut thin and thick strips and cubes
  • Roko insert for delicious julienne strips for vegetable spaghetti
  • Grater Use for fine grated food
  • With ergonomic rubber handle
  • With non-slip rubber feet
Components of the Börner Vital kitchen slicer Pro set:
  • Börner Vital Mandolin
  • Slice insert with safety function and dressing roll
  • 3.5mm and 7mm blade insert
  • Roko and grater insert
  • 2x Insert box
  • Food Holder
  • Dockingstation

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