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Contents: 1x saucepan with lid 20 cm (volume: 2.8l) in a fashionable food appeal box

Robust material:  the roaster with lid is made of extruded aluminium. This will heat the pot quickly and evenly. The saucepan features a tempered glass lid and the long handles stay cool while cooking on the stovetop. This makes handling easy.

Organic Coating:  The cooking pot with glass lid has a better non-stick effect thanks to a special environmentally friendly PFOA-free ceramic oil coating. Food Appeal offers the perfect way to cook and eat healthier. The ceramic coating, soaked in olive oil, allows you to cook in the pot without adding oil or butter. With better non-stick properties, the casserole makes cooking and cleaning easier than ever, making the kitchen more fun! Discover the new non-stick coating!

Use:  The Food Appeal saucepan with glass lid can be used in many ways on all common types of stoves and ovens up to 177° Celsius – induction cookers, gas stoves, electric stoves, ceramic stoves and on heating coils
Bio-Cook saucepans are also ovenproof and dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning even easier! Try it!

Optimal heat distribution:  Thanks to the induction base, optimal heat distribution is guaranteed for perfect cooking of your food and even heat.
Whether it’s soups, stews or meat dishes, all your cooking ideas can be realized with the Food Appeal saucepans with glass lids!

Convince yourself of optimal cooking results and get BioCook in your kitchen

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