Borner Noodle-Maker – selfmade noodles in no time

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The original Borner noodle machine – the smallest noodle maker on earth. Make your own delicious noodles in a heartbeat. Whether it is spaghetti, spaetzle, ribbon noodles or potato croquettes – the noodle maker makes it possible. Find additional recipes in the included booklet. It is simple: to create delicious spaetzle all you need is flour, eggs and / or water, a little oil and salt. By adding food coloring, spices or herbs you can make colored noodles without a big effort. Your taste buds will love it. Mix the batter directly into the bowl, then put into boiling water and your noodles will be ready in a few seconds. For larger quantities we recommend preparing the batter in a separate bowl and then adding it into the machine with a tablespoon. To reduce the risk of sticking after use, immediately clean under running water. Includes 7 shaper inserts, recipe booklet, closure disc, safety guard, rotated dough / batter squeezer, container.